Website Launch and Brand Awareness

Objective: building awareness and showcasing your solutions

Strategy: use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to showcase products

All of these channels focus on engaging visually and are places that people search for solutions and can be directly linked to products and your store. All except YouTube have options for purchasing products directly inside the channel when you start advertising/promoting in that channel, but that would be future consideration.

All channels showcase animated photos (an autoplay mini slideshow), videos and images. Movement engages exponentially in these channels. YouTube works differently in that it doesn’t have a “thread” based exploration, but it is a primary search tool and important to incluce.

Pinterest has an enormous engagement for “solution” and idea searching and organization is one of the top things people search for on Pinterest. Your website can be directly connected to your business pinterest account and “rich pins” can highlight your product on pinterest with a direct click through to your product in store. Pinterest is just rolling out buyable pins as well.

Initially the content/visuals will be showcase products with existing photos/content with a home office and general organization focus. Showcase specific industries/niches in the future such as craft, quilting, service industry / customer service, technology (cable organization).

Leslie will :
- create profile and channel artwork
- assist in making sure that all of the channels are set up correctly and connected
- create posts/content to share for each product

Home office
Home - general (kitchen; family)
Service industries - customer service and job tracking
craft supplies
Tech (cords/cables)


QUESTIONS/Info needed:

email Leslie at, text/call 847-401-2692 or let me know you put in dropbox folder.

Payment accounts need to be connected in order to launch (and effectively test). can point to the new site AFTER payment and order experience tested.

Are any social media accounts set up currently that can be updated or should new accounts be created? The easiest thing to do is to add Leslie as an admin on accounts if they exist. If new accounts need to be created I can do that, but would want to set it up in your name with a primary email address associated with you. Let me know what that email address would be and I will alert you to check and verify new accounts when they are being set up.

Access to video file for the mail organizer to be able to update beginning and end and make a bit more current.

Specific information (titles, phone extensions, cell phone) that each of you would like included on new business cards.